Responsible for making the magic happen.

Client Support

" Candid communication helps us relay detailed and accurate information since our company is nothing without our clients and what we do truly helps them and their business. " RENELYN DAIN VP of Client Champ Held a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Holy Child College of Davao
" In life, we always have the chance to move forward, learn from our mistakes and become a better version of ourselves. " RHENA MAY SALINAS Client Support Technical Production Manager Rhena is accountable for the approval of the Client Support team's user stories and NDD output according to the clients' platform requirements and expected platform behavior.
" Naxum has 9 core values that are authentic and relevant. I believe these 9 core values helped everyone to improve their skills within the company works with the team and with our clients. " SHAYNE ENDRINA Client Champ I studied Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting for a semester at the University of Cebu - Main Campus.
"We love to inspire and reward billions of business souls to gamify their life to share products and services." REXA MAE INTO Client Champ After earning my Bachelor of Elementary Education in General Education from Cebu Normal University, I entered the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry to explore a career that is beyond my comfort zone.
" Being in a company who loves to inspire, inspires me to be an inspiration as well. This is GENUINE CONCERN to the clients and to its community which attracts only positive results. " CHRISTINE JOY A. MONDEJAR Client Champ Naxum is very supportive in their employees’ growth, they provide materials and encourage us to never stop learning.
" My favorite Core Value is “Be Generous” because as a client champ, it is our job to give our energy, skills, and resources to provide the best services the clients deserve. " KHLZIE ANTONETTE LLANETA Client Champ Khlzie Antonette Llaneta is the eldest of five siblings. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. She has been a working student since high school until she finishes her degree.
" To survive in this innovative and highly competitive world, we must strive and give our 10x effort to stay and improve our skills and knowledge to be number one on the list. " ROSE ANN ROMERO Client Champ Hi There! I am Rose Ann S. Romero, the youngest among four siblings. I studied at Carlos Hilado Memorial State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management.
" She advances, stronger than ever, as she solidifies the flame of passion that ushered her here and now. " DYNIELA BUHIA Client Champ Dyniela Buhia holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree from Ateneo de Davao University.
" I love our WHY because It showed me the company's sincerity in serving people, how it values its client's trust, and gives importance to quality service. " SHIELA MAE MILLAN Client Champ Hi there! I’m Shiela Mae Millan. I was born and raised in Polomolok, South Cotabato, and currently residing in Cebu City. I graduated in Computer Systems Design and Programming at AMA-CLC. I originally wanted to take up tourism.
" I instantly fell in love with NaXum and felt the urge to work with such a humble company, knowing that they uphold the core values that I also believe and employ in my daily life. " MAYA ANGELIQUE APILIS Client Champ Hi there! My name is Maya Angelique Apilis and I am a proud mother of 3. I took up a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management at the University of Baguio for a semester and completed a Flight Attendant course at the World Citi Colleges-Manila.
" I love NaXum because they manifest what they believe. They believe technology is an art, so they created this amazing system of referral marketing that continues to partake in flights of business soul stories all around the world. " AMABEL MAE BURO Client Champ Technological advancements are never stagnant and are evolving. And as a benefactor of these innovations, I have to level the playing field—to continuously grow and be better; to contribute greater every time.
" The hard reality of ensuring you fit in the digital world has been emphasized with our society's current needs and us to be better at satisfying those needs. " CHRISTINE AGUILON Client Champ I'm responsible for making sure people are connected, expectations are met, and promises are delivered.
"In her years of experiencing jobs that are related to customer service, she learned that one should treat the business of the client as if it were their own." DONNA ALMIRA Q. SAMBAOA Client Champ The Client Champion seat in NaXum matches her passion for serving people. That passion turned out to be her motivation to put her best foot forward every day while she developed her career.
" Kaizen means a lot to me because I've always wanted to develop new talents with the goal of discovering my true passion. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn new things, and I get excited about developing systems that will help me be more effective and efficient at the task at hand. " MARRIE "ABBY" BACALSO-REMO Client Champ Having worked as a customer service representative for 8 years has given me the experience and abilities to deal with clients, customers, and even employers while assisting with practically all kinds of inquiries. Throughout my work as a customer service representative, I have dealt with practically all conceivable goods and services.
" There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others. That is why I am proud to be part here at NaXum, which is full of motivated and purpose-driven people. " ELLISON JOSEPH M. YAN Client Champ I started my career in the year 2016 and before I joined NaXum, I was in the Customer Service Industry for the last 6 years. I am blessed to be given a chance to work with the top companies out there like Tracfone Wireless, Microsoft, and recently Shopify.


" Greatness is a continual journey of learning and discovering the gifts and talents that God has placed in us to Bless others. " MARK STEVENS Sales Executive Mark A. Stevens is well-known as a successful business owner, entrepreneur, leader, motivational speaker, best-selling author and humanitarian.
" She found kinship in NaXum’s “Why”… specifically in the phrase, “We love to inspire. " GABRIELLE CHLOE ANSALDO Marketing Champ Gabrielle Chloe Ansaldo is a graduate of Davao Doctors College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radiologic Technology in 2016. After passing the Radiologic Technology licensure exam, she was shortly hired as a Clinical Instructor at her alma mater.
" I chose NaXum because I believe that its core values are aligned with mine. I also love how they see the potential in their employees and allow them to grow personally and professionally. " BLESSELDA CALPO CASOCOT Sales Champ I am responsible to live out the NaXum Core Values, hunting new relationships, identifying possible referral partners, and most importantly, having 1x or more clients fund their contract in the calendar month.
" She is passionate about helping to create innovative systems and experiences for her clients. Her greatest purpose lies in developing a positive leadership culture where individuals can thrive. " TAMI RUSSAZ Sales Executive Specialties and Skills: Custom CRM Systems, Marketing Strategies, Product Management, Product Development, Product Strategy, User Experience Optimization, Business Analysis, Lean and Agile Methodology, eCommerce, SaaS, API, and Artificial Intelligence.


" Inspiring others through our technology is one of Naxum's WHY. This has become her guiding principle in leading the Core-Tech team as would want us to create a technology that would not only make a difference to a few but to the world. " NORFELYN R. ALMONICAR VP of Core Tech She is responsible for leading the Core-Tech team to deliver real NDD results in all their tasks and also to WIN their seats.
" NaXum helps people all over the world improve their businesses by providing a quality platform that allows them to manage their referral marketing business. " ROSEMAY ROMERO Core Tech Technical Production Manager She is in charge of the Coretech team production including finalizing user stories, ensuring production is flowing, and conducting quality assurance on our engineer's output before it is delivered to the clients.
" Having true passion motivates me to do something which is in line with my life's purpose and allows me to explore all my hidden strengths." EDUARDO ARBOLEDA Core Tech Engineer Finished his Bachelor's Degree in IT at The University of Mindanao.
" People in Naxum are friendly and approachable. You can really see that they are happy to help each other to grow and give their best to provide good service to the clients. The environment is very comfortable. And the company help us to improve our skills not just for our career but also in life. " MULLAH S. MINA Core Tech Engineer He's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
" There is no other company like NaXum that blesses you with profound knowledge from the books that will help you discover your true potential. " JOVANIE BENOLA Mob App Engineer My motivation for this jump was coming from my personal goal - to become a full-stack developer. In MobApp, I was blessed to be exposed to both front-end and back-end development.
" The things that Kayes love about Naxum are: Opportunity to work with people around the globe, Humble, passionate, and helpful seniors, Constant and Never Ending Improvement, Promote from Within. " KAYES QAYUM Mob App Engineer Kayes ensures mobile app work effortlessly without any problems, implementing new features, and developing and maintaining the app and admin panel endpoint.
" I will never be satisfied and only seek to provide quality and deliver a WOW factor for the clients. " JOHN KYLE RAZON Mob App Engineer There is no such thing as a superpower but when I discovered games, and blog posts and tried to research. It truly amazes me how this software is made because in coding and programming we can create literally ANYTHING.

UI/UX Designer

" NaXum can see you! That is one of the many things James loves about NaXum. The company recognizes how much you love your seat and how much more you can do on your seat. " JAMES RYAN D. PEPITO VP of Design James is on a mission to ensure positive changes come and that the unity of the Design team will raise and shine. As VP, he will use the experiences and skills that he gained through his journey to help execute the goal of the team to win and go all the way.
" Truly, it's only by getting lost that we allow ourselves to explore, and discover capabilities that were never on our mindmap. " CRISMARIE LOPEZ Design Technical Production Manager Cris's responsibility is to guardrail the team’s ARTwork by making sure only high-quality designs and Don’t make me think web pages will pass the quality assurance and we’re being forwarded to the clients.
" From product innovation & creation to customer service, our team is committed to creating "wow" experiences for our member, vendors, and clients. " CHRISTOPHER L. JAVA JR. UI Designer Originating from a family of artists, Chris graduated at the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, major in Painting.
" I love our core values of Be Passionate - What we do matters. Our contribution effects millions of lives across the world. " JOHN MARTIN CHAN UX Designer A web UI/UX designer with strong experience crafting user interface and experience for years.
" Noel's love for programming and dedication to his team has made him extremely effective as a web developer. " NOEL CLARION UX Designer Noel attended only a vocational college at ICI (Iligan Computer Institute), where he studied Diploma in Information Technology. He went to college on a half scholarship funded by TESDA.
" By inspiring others through my ArtWork, it gives me a special kind of happiness as I was able to help achieve their goals and contribute to their success. " ALDWIN STEPHEN TABIOS UX Designer Stephen is a Front-End Web Developer with years of professional experience in the Web development and E-commerce industry.
"Learning constantly makes us better in the things we do. I believe that in order to succeed in life, we should keep on learning. Learn from our mistakes and learn new things to improve ourselves." JEFFERSON ENTERINA UI Designer I’m a computer engineering graduate from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology who has a passion for graphic designing.
" NaXum cares not just about the company but for its employees, clients, and billions of business souls by inspiring and delivering wow through their platform and services. " ARMAN UDARBE UI Designer He studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Southeastern Philippines and at Holy Child College of Davao where he transferred and graduated.
" One thing I love about NaXum is the work culture where everyone is encouraged to improve oneself on a regular basis by listening to audiobooks. " CARLO CATINDIG UX Designer I'm a web developer from Santa Rosa City, Laguna Philippines. I have an in-depth experience in UI/UX design with more than 3 years of experience in front-end development.
" I love to work with such creative minds on this team. The team helps me gain more experience and knowledge to develop myself and that is what I want. " MAHMOUD HAMDY UX Designer My expertise lies within front-end web apps, and the main languages in my tech stack are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
" We should know how to respond to every situation by looking at how we can do it rather than explaining why it can’t be done. " JOEMARIE BIÑAS UX Designer Now I am a senior CT Engineer who is both driven and self-motivated. I am passionate about my seat and I will strive to improve myself as a Coretech Engineer and the company in general.
" What I like about KAIZEN is that no matter who we are or which position we are in, we need constant improvement, especially in these days. " OMNIA KHATTAB UX Designer Through our work, we inspire people to make their dreams come true and help them with their businesses so they can keep growing and making it big.
" The world is in a state of constant flux and for you to keep up with the pace you have to keep improving and pushing to meet up with its demands because nothing kills faster than stagnation with the proper mindset and perseverance the sky is your limit. " NNAMDI EZEMA UX Designer I work with languages such as HTML5,CSS3 Javascript, PHP I have also worked with frameworks such as React Js, Node Js and Laravel.

Commissions Engineers

" I use my knowledge to teach and assist others to become independent so they could find their own ways to succeed. I believe life is not about how far you can go, but about how many lives you touch and what kind of impact you create. " REY MARK A. ABAO VP of Commissions With my long years of experience as a web developer and my attitude of always speaking up and leaning in if there is any room for improvement, my goal is to lead the company in building Commission Engines that deliver WOW and drive growth to our clients and their members' lives.
" Pam’s favorite Naxum Core Value is the KAIZEN: Constant and Never Ending Improvement. This core value reminds her that no matter who we are, what we have achieved, and how successful we have become, there is always something for us to learn. " PALMER JOY C. BIAÑA Commissions Technical Production Manager Pam is accountable for the approval of the Commission team's user stories and NDD output according to the client's platform requirements and expected behavior.
" For me, success is not only about what we've accomplished in life, but it's also about inspiring others to achieve success. This makes us all successful in what we do here in Gemba. " MARK VINCENT AYO Commissions Engineer Mark is accountable for the high-output tech management of the Commissions Team’s tasks, which include inspiring and leading the right people to deliver real NDD results to serve NaXum's company goals.
" KAIZEN is one of my favorite core values of Naxum. Why? Because having this type of characteristic will bring me into the future in which I didn't expect. " ERWIN JOHN IBAÑEZ Commissions Engineer Erwin finished a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he applied for a job in NaXum last February as Client Champ.
" Naxum has this culture where employees are coached for improvement. The company cares for growth, both personally (Kaizen) and career-wise (Promote from Within). " DANIZ MICHELLE TIMBAL Commissions Engineer graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College.
" In Naxum we inspire businesses to make their success by providing them with our technology that facilitates the way to help and inspire their affiliates to gamify their lives to help more human beings earn jobs with dignified living. " ABDELRAHMAN ELSHORBAGII Commissions Engineer I’m Abdelrahman ElShorbagii you can call me Abdo for short. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

Information Systems

" What I love about NaXum is that they see your potential and enhance it with proper skills training." VINCENT PAUL PONTERAS VP of Information Systems As VP of Information Systems, it is my responsibility to have our systems secure, operational, and up to date with the latest technologies to catch up with the fast-evolving systems.
" We should always do our best and go the extra mile to deliver WOW to the clients and make them satisfied with the WOW product we deliver. " AHMED BAHNASY IS Engineer I am Ahmed Bahnasy, a graduate of the Bachelor of Communication and Electronics Engineering at Alexandria University in Egypt.
" Simplicity: NaXum is easily driving the business using easy and organized tools and is well structured, where every member is supportive of the other. " KHALID REHAN IS Engineer I am Khalid Rehan, an Electrical Engineer - Specialized in Computer and Systems (Control Systems). I am holding a Bachelor's degree from Ain Shams University - Cairo, Egypt.

HR & Finance

" She has learned that the greatest impact of help is not by giving a fish but to teach others how to fish. Tough love. Discipline. Painful. However, she believes that these are necessary for positive growth. " PHOEBE MAE SECRETARIA HR Champ Phoebe's main responsibilities are hiring management, orientation, and leading the team to be accountable by following the implemented processes which are known in NaXum as NaXum Operating System (NOS).
" It will always be YOU vs YOU. Even if it scares you, at the end of the day you will thank yourself for TAKING the LEAP, Do it and ACT now! " ANNE PAOLA PANGILAN Finance Manager Part of the HR Champ seat's responsibility is conducting quick orientation meetings with potential candidates. This is where Anne and her fellow HR champs share a quick overview of the company and the wonderful opportunities NaXum has.
"She believes that in order to be good at what we do, we must first realize WHY we do WHAT we do." RICAH ANGELA O. BAGUIO HR Champ As an HR Champ, she conducts Hello NaXum meetings with aspiring candidates, attends finance review calls, facilitates speed closures for G-Doc documentation, and drafts content for Global Announcement within the team.
" You will never know how much you can accomplish until you try. Never stop trying. Your miracle will come in undefined moments. " RECHEL DESIERTO HR Champ She is very passionate about her current seat as an HR Champ who protects the company's culture and looks for the right "WHO" to be part of the team.
" Naxum encourages us to get out of our comfort zones, experience the uncomfortable, and embrace the unknown. If you really want to be successful, you must face your fears and live without limits. " KRYSSEL ANN BARRANCO HR Hunter My job is to look for 10X candidates to be part of our team and recommend them to our HR team for a quick introduction to Naxum and what we do as a team.

Executive Leadership

" The NaXum UNIFY platform truly defined a company's online brand and enabled massive growth via referral marketing, specifically creating intuitive and integrated marketing technologies. " RODD KIRBY Founder / Chief Visionary Officer Rodd Kirby, a graduate from Baylor University, began his entrepreneurial journey right out of college with the purchase of his first Texaco convenience store.
" It's about living to the full-potential that you have been given. Being able to step into all that is available for you and the people you touch. " BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer Ben graduated college at a young age and went on to work as an outside consultant for a Fortune 200 company.
" We are on a Divine Mission to BlessUP a Billion Business Souls. This reminds me that what we are creating here is something extraordinary and meaningful. " JENILYN MONTEBON President of Technology I am the company's President of Technology, leading the Scrum Team VPs in ensuring all milestones and work orders are delivered on time.
" Necta believes there are endless things to learn every day. For her, it does not matter how slow of a learner one is. What matters is the willingness to stretch and go beyond the comfort zone for the world has so much greatness and success to offer. " NECTA CASIPLE President of Operations Necta now works as the President of Operations of NaXum spearheading the whole team in providing a wow-quality platform and successful launches in collaboration with the President of Technology, Jenilyn Montebon.