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Client Support

" Candid communication helps us relay detailed and accurate information since our company is nothing without our clients and what we do truly helps them and their business. " RENELYN DAIN Chief Operations Officer Held a degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Holy Child College of Davao
" Knowledge knows no age. It does not stop at a certain age nor it happens only in the classroom. " NECTA CASIPLE Client Champ / HR Manager A Mass Communication graduate, Information Technology was once her choice of study in the university before shifting to her undergraduate degree.
" The company's WHY defines the most purpose of why everyone is doing their best to deliver their ARTwork as accurate and soonest as possible." DONNA SAMBAOA Client Champ / HR Recruiter Donna went to Holy Child College of Davao to study and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science in Information Technology.
" I believe to make self-improvement, you should always asked yourself of how will you make yourself better and on how will you do to be more efficient. " CECILLE CARADO Client Champ Ces graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce major in marketing.
" I enjoy the things I learn in my day to day tasks, as well as the people from the company. " KRISTOFFER LEVIE PANGILAN Client Champ Six years as Customer Service Representative and 2 years experienced as Email Outreach Specialists.
" What I love about Gemba is WE ARE A FAMILY. Everyone is approachable and I love how people in Gemba help each other. " LIZA MAY S. LANDERO Client Champ Took a Diploma in Information Technology at Holy Child College of Davao.
" One of the best things about life is that we never have to stop learning. There are always new skills to learn and techniques for us to adopt. " MC ALFRED C. MENDOZA Client Champ An undergraduate student, a frustrated Computer Science student which shifted his college degree into being Nurse.
" The never-ending improvement within the company impacts our lives and makes us reach for goals on how we can provide the best products and services on businesses around the world. " ANNE PAOLA PANGILAN Client Champ A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Davao Doctor's College.
" Being able to touch so many lives through our artwork is what sets us apart from other software companies. We are here to change lives and inspire people to work hard for their business. " QUEENIE EMNACE Client Champ She's an undergraduate student from the University of Southeastern Philippines and took off the Bachelor of Science in Economics.
" The Kaizen books and audiobooks are one way of showing that Gemba never runs out of things to learn in every new perspective of our life. " MARIETONI LOUISE CODENIERA Client Champ Toni took up Information Technology at Univesity of San Carlos.
" For highly challenging goals like learning to write software, it is such an amazing feeling when your code works bug-free. " JAMES RYAN PEPITO Client Champ James graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Technology at (CTU) Cebu Technological University-Main Campus
" Amazing! The office is nice and the people here are all good and dynamic. " PHOEBE MAE SECRETARIA Client Champ / HR Manager Assistant Phoebe graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of San Jose – Recoletos.
" It’s not that being simple is bad, however, being adventurous and open to the change is so much better. " KHLZIE ANTONETTE LLANETA Client Champ She's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Eastern Visayas State University Carigara Campus.
" My absolute favorite core value is KAIZEN, which stands for CONSTANT and NEVER ending improvement. I live by this and always put 110% into everything that I do regardless of what is going on. " VALENTINA VERONICA MENDEZ Client Champ A recent graduate from the University of Houston. She hold a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a Minor in Nutrition.
" Accountability is a virtue. Having a sense of accountability when it comes to handling people and tasks is something that is developed. " CHARLES DAITOL Client Champ Charles finished his degree at AMA Computer College - Davao Campus with a degree in Information Technology.
" My favorite core value is - KAIZEN: Constant and Never Ending Improvement as this allows an individual to develop one's potential and become a better version of his/her previous self every day. " RHENA MAY SALINAS Client Champ Rhena is a graduate from University of San Carlos Cebu with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy.
" I am very passionate about expanding my skills and I strongly believe that Naxum could help me continually improve in the digital world. " KARLA COMPRA Client Champ I graduated with a degree in Information Communication Technology from the University of San Carlos last April 2016.
" SERVING people is one of my heart’s desires. I once led a youth group serving my fellow youth because I want to touch the lives of every people I met. " ROSEMAY ROMERO Client Champ Hi! I am Rosemay S. Romero. You can call me Rose. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Saint La Salle-Bacolod.


" My favorite part is: “to inspire and reward BILLIONS of business SOULS”. Through the software we provide here in NaXum, we are able to inspire and help people achieve their dreams. " JENILYN MONTEBON Chief Technology Officer Jenilyn Montebon is a cum laude graduate from Ateneo de Davao University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
" Kaizen: Constant and never-ending improvement: For me, these core values explained myself as I am up to new and have the attitude and actions that are willing to learn and hungry for more and a stepping stone journey of my knowledge in every environment and industry. " CLAIRE ANGEL ACERON Core-Tech Graduated with a degree holder of Bachelor of Science and Information Technology. In her first year in the industry, she worked as a Front-End Developer and Web Developer with a project-based company and hold 4 projects.
" Having true passion motivates me to do something which is in line with my life's purpose and allows me to explore all my hidden strengths." EDUARDO ARBOLEDA Core-Tech Finished his Bachelor's Degree in IT at The University of Mindanao.
" Gemba and Naxum feels like home to me. At Gemba office, I can bring out the best of my abilities, I can impact countless people, through the Artwork that I'm doing. " EMILITO FERIA Core-Tech Have 3 years of experience in Web development 2 years in Native PHP Programming and spent last year as a Front-end developer.
" KAIZEN is one of my favorite core values of Naxum. Why? Because having this type of characteristic will bring me into the future in which I didn’t expect. " ERWIN JOHN IBAÑEZ Core-Tech Erwin finished a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he applied for a job in NaXum last February as Client Champ.
" Be Humble: For me, this is the most important of all the core values as this attitude will be the requirement to fulfill and live the other core values. " JAIRUS MONREAL Core-Tech Been in the web development industry for 13 years. He worked as a part-time Computer Technician during college days.
" I love our core values of Be Passionate - What we do matters. Our contribution effects millions of lives across the world. " JOHN MARTIN CHAN Core-Tech A web UI/UX designer with strong experience crafting user interface and experience for years.
" Felt neglected? Come? This place is for you! They’ll love you, Gemba and NaXum are here for you! This is where family and teamwork are perfectly defined. " JOEMARIE BIÑAS Core-Tech Joe is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and he wants to travel arround the world.
" My interest in technology and constant search for knowledge is driven by my desire to serve people. " THERENCE MANZO Core-Tech Has been in the IT industry for five years. Currently working in Naxum as PHP Developer.
" My favorite core values are Be Passionate and Be Generous. I always take pride in my works, especially to the website functionality and design. " FREDRICH MERECIDO Core-Tech A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of the Immaculate Conception.
" It is a great pleasure to be part of Gemba, people here in NaXum are approachable and friendly, and the work environment here is positive and I am surrounded by experienced people. " JAYLORD LAGUD Core-Tech A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at DMMA College of Southern Philippines.
" Being able to touch different variations of people throughout our talent and skills is what sets us apart from the other software companies. " JAYVEE SALANGO Core-Tech A graduate from Davao del Norte State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.
" Never-ending learning is a part of every developer, a developer who stops learning will never grow. " GENE SESCON Core-Tech He started as a Computer Science Student at the University of Southeastern Philippines but graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Brokenshire College of Davao.
" It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding back to them. " EDYL JAY TEMPLADO Core-Tech Edyl Jay I. Templado is a fullstack software developer for more than 6 years and been helping solopreneurs and businesses grow their personal and professional brands.


" From product innovation & creation to customer service, our team is committed to creating “wow” experiences for our member, vendors, and clients. " CHRISTOPHER L. JAVA JR. Chief Marketing Officer Originating from a family of artists, Chris graduated at the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, major in Painting.
" There's this strong bond that makes us not just co-workers but family. I had never met before a group of people that work as hard as they can to deliver "WOW" to their clients. " CRISMARIE LOPEZ Sales Champ & UI Design Expert Cris graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at Holy Child College of Davao.


" We exist to integrate game mechanics into marketing activities to make them more exciting and fun! " ALSEUS ROBERT E. PALANCA Commissions Team After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, started my career as an Android Developer for an Australian company that provides high-quality voice communication service application in the cloud.
" I have been working from home for almost 9 years now. Being at Gemba, I love how the team has been welcoming and supportive. " JASON DALE D. JARO Commissions Team Before joining Naxum, he worked as home-based back-end developer for almost 8 years for an Australian company.
" We may have a different definition of success. For me, success is not only about what we've accomplished in life, but it's about what we inspire others to achieve. " MARK VINCENT AYO Commissions Team A graduate from Ateneo de Davao University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.
" I really love learning new technologies and keeping up-to-date with current trends, especially on the technologies that I currently use. To stay relevant as a programmer, we have to keep on learning since we all know that technology is constantly evolving and changing. " VIENZENT JAN LUGAR Commissions Team Earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from AMA Computer College - Davao Campus.
" The work environment here is positive and I am surrounded with experienced people who can teach and help me to become a highly-skilled developer someday. " ERYLL SALAMANES Commissions Team A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of the Immaculate Conception.

Information Systems

" At Naxum, we already know the magical power of referral marketing. That’s what we are building and putting in one platform as a tool for our clients and their customers. " JOVANIE BENOLA Chief Informations Officer A Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering graduate from the University of the Immaculate Conception.
" I like the core value KAIZEN because it adheres to my belief of constant adaptation and evolution in order for a species to survive. " ARVIN JOHN A. PAPA Information Systems He took up Computer Engineering at the University of the Immaculate Conception.
" By giving them the right services, we entice them to believe in the power of referral marketing and that is what makes them love our Why. " RYAN LUCERNA Information Systems Ryan have been a developer his entire carrier for more than 15 years before Naxum.
" When I read the NaXum 9 core values I told myself that this is the type of organization that where I want to work! " NICO PENAROYO Information Systems A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Holy Cross of Davao College Inc.


" We are motivated to care for our clients and company. To earn the trust, to build them up. " NORFELYN R. ALMONICAR ACT.X MOBAPP A CUM LAUDE, graduated in Asian College of Technology, one of the best IT schools in Cebu.
" What I love about GEMBA and Naxum is that people here working so hard to just make people’s lives better. " JHIMSON LUPIGA ACT.X MOBAPP A college graduate of (ACLC) Ama Computer Learning Center. He was first a wordpress front developer.
" One of the core values that i like is “KAIZEN: CONSTANT AND NEVER ENDING IMPROVEMENT” Why? Because, I am always up to new and exciting challenges and love to learn more. " MARLON RAFOLS ACT.X MOBAPP A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science batch 2000 in a University in Cebu City.
" One of my favorites is "KAIZEN: CONSTANT AND NEVER-ENDING IMPROVEMENT" Because I’m always hungry for knowledge and never stop learning specially my skill set. " PIO NAVARRO ACT.X MOBAPP He's a graduate of STI (Science and Technology Institute) Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, previously taking up Computer Science.

Executive Leadership

" The NaXum UNIFY platform truly defined a company’s online brand and enabled massive growth via referral marketing, specifically creating intuitive and integrated marketing technologies. " RODD KIRBY Founder / Chief Visionary Officer Rodd Kirby, a graduate from Baylor University, began his entrepreneurial journey right out of college with the purchase of his first Texaco convenience store.
" It’s about living to the full-potential that you have been given. Being able to step into all that is available for you and the people you touch. " BEN DIXON Chief Executive Officer Ben graduated college at a young age and went on to work as an outside consultant for a Fortune 200 company.
" I have been through lots of companies since I started to build my career but only in Naxum I have felt the essence of Teamwork. " MARA ANTONETTE R. UDARBE Finance Manager A graduate of Business Administration at the University of Southeastern Philippines.