Video Email

In a world where slick sales copy and ads bombard us constantly, truly personalized messages from authentic people stand out powerfully!

That is why I love a personal video email.

You can’t fake it, you can’t mass create a personalized message to 1,000 followers or prospects at once. Of course, you can create a video newsletter and that can be more effective than text. But in today’s article, I want to take a moment for us to all remember when we received our first personalized video email — a video someone created just for you.

If you have not received one yet, go ahead and send one to a friend or business prospect and check out the results for yourself. It’s amazing how they’ll feel…

Video allows you to personally share a thought with somebody as if you were face-to-face. It’s a connection that subconsciously says a few things:

#1 “I spent time to connect with you”

Inherent in any video email is the truth that, you gave your most precious resource “time” to reach out to this person. Time is precious, and by you taking a moment to create a video message, your video receiver feels that much better about you and your message.

With tools available today, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time either.

#2 “You’re important to me”

With the same line of thinking, a personalized video email also lets the person know you care and that they are important to you.

There are 5 million other things you could be doing with your time and in the world were most people pop out a text in a half second, you sent a video sharing your thought.

#3 “I am a real person”

And the most important of all is the validity of who you are and why you believe in the relationship.

By creating a video, you are saying, “I don’t shoot out canned responses to my relationships”.

You are someone I care about

– I am grateful for you in my life

– I am serious about collaborating with you on your business

At our company Naxum, where we build custom marketing systems and commission engine for MLM and Direct sales companies, we’ve taken this technology to even a more powerful place.

Many corporate MLM’s are concerned about compliance and the things distributors and affiliates are saying about their company(health claims & income claims). Companies should be concerned. Some affiliates in the space do say things that could put their opportunities in a challenging place in the mind of regulatory bodies.

That is where a video library comes in. Corporate can provide corporate compliant content that each of the members can use and our system will allow a member to add their own video in front of that corporate video.

So you can create a personalized introduction video and attach the corporate compliant message to it. This saves your members time and allows them to be personal and get all the benefits above at the same time.

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