SMS Texting

Ready to engage your prospects in real-time on their mobile phones?

Want to be notified instantly on your phone when prospects take action?

SMS texting is a powerful tool today. We deploy it strategically in our systems for client both to powerfully notify affiliates when their prospects take action and to give the affiliates an outreach method to their customers and prospects.

Extreme Speed:

A few example notifications for affiliates include when a prospect or team member takes the following action:

  • Opt-in to a capture page
  • Register for a webinar
  • Visit the enrollment page
  • Watch a video email
  • Complete the survey
  • Finish the training

These can be customized to your company and your sales process as well.

Text Broadcasting

Ever wanted to invite your list to a live webinar or conference call in real-time? You’re a brilliant marketer if 20% of your emails are opened and read, but did you know that on average over 95% of text messages are opened and read? And many are read in real-time instead of hours or even days later.

That is where the broadcasting tool comes in. Integrated right into your affiliates contact management system, affiliates can trigger SMS text messages to opt-in contacts in the system and powerfully engage them with your message.

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