Replicated Webinars

Branded Replicated Webinars

Have you ever used webinars to close business for your affiliates?

Webinars can be a simple, remarkable, cost-effective way to deliver online presentations and present a powerful call-to-action. However, for the direct sales industry (or any referral marketing company), a majority of webinar systems are complicated, unstable, unbranded, and missing a crucial part…

A powerful pointed call to action in order to close business?

Enter NaXum Webinars!

NaXum has created an innovative webinar system integrating the stable and simple to use Google Hangouts software. The NaXum Webinar platform creates REAL DUPLICATION allowing experts from your company to host a custom webinar and close business “on behalf” of the rest of the members.

In the past, the corporate team and top leaders would present excellent presentations, but the call-to-action was without closing automation linked to the correct person who invited the contact. It sounded like “Get back to the person who invited you so you can enroll today!”

This type call to action is ineffective and produces zero duplication. You are misdirecting the person who is ready to enroll now to the least qualified sales person to close the deal.

Our innovative webinar platform solves all these challenges!

Because it is replicated, each affiliate receives their own specific personal link to invite contacts to expert delivered presentation webinars. When contacts register for the webinar the affiliate receives a text message alert in real-time letting them know they have a new registrant. On the inside of the system, the expert organizer runs the webinar and is empowered to close business for all attendees. How? The NaXum Webinars are replicated and linked to the person who referred them enrollment page! So now the expert presenter can simply close the deal with a call to action, “Now that you’re ready to get started, click below and I will walk you through the exact steps to enrolling!”

This is a game changer for referral marketing companies. The NaXum replicated custom webinars allow corporate and top leaders to compliantly close business for tens of thousands of distributors all at once. Now that is REAL DUPLICATION lending itself to a culture where even the newest promoter can be successful.

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