Contact Manager with Smart Search

The NaXum Social Contact Management system is the brain of your entire business delivering full integration with every marketing power tool you require to powerfully and personally communicate with your contacts. It’s simple, robust, cost-effective and complete. Every marketing tool you require is here. You never have to leave our platform and pay for another service!

The NaXum contact manager has fully integrated marketing tools such as Email Broadcasting, Autoresponders, Video Email, SMS Text Messaging, and Phone Dialing through an automatic-assisted dialer.

The intuitive interface has raised the bar on industry standards and become the “trend-setter” in the space for what affiliates and distributors expect when using a contact management platform. Our industry loved management system tracks all of your contacts letting you know exactly where they are in the sales process and is optimized for affiliates to be able to quickly and personally follow up with each and every contact in their business.

Inside of our CRM are key core functions that
separate us from any competition:

Smart Speed Search:

Wildcard? Not even close! Smart Speed Search is a Google-like search for your contacts. As you begin typing in your search phrase smart search immediately asks you if you’re looking for a name, email address, city, or country a contact is in. You must experience Smart Search to truly understand how powerful this is in helping you quickly and efficiently sort through your contact database. The innovative power behind this module creates a remarkable experience for every user involved.

Category Cloud:

Want to run your business like a business? Category Cloud makes that easier than ever. Members tag contacts to specific categories throughout the sales process and have the ability to easily drill down to specific segments of their list. Want to see all the contacts that answered your “Facebook Blue Ad” and “Attended A Webinar”? The answer is only two clicks (or touches if you’re on your mobile device) away

Extreme Speed:

The NaXum contact manager loads in a SINGLE instance. All functions happen with no additional load time, so the seamless experience for the member is remarkable. As they follow up with their contacts and implement the power tools, this system feels amazing and delivers real results!

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